The Vice President is Right

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The Vice President is Right

Bradley Mattes   |   April 10, 2017

Vice President Mike Pence was highly criticized in the media and other liberal areas for taking precautions to remain faithful to his wife.  They were incensed he won’t share a meal alone with a woman who isn’t his wife.  Nor will he attend a mixed gathering where alcohol is served without his wife present.  The Vice President should be commended for respecting his wife instead of being castigated.  A writer for the National Post said his efforts represent a “rape culture,” which doesn’t make any sense.  She also said the Vice President devalues women because he’s pro-life, so his actions were “sexist.”  I’m sure Mrs. Pence is very pleased with her husband’s safeguards.  I’m sure they also protect him from false accusations or innuendos, which the other side would love to use.

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