President-Elect Donald Trump.

Most Americans didn’t think it could be done. He bucked the system at every turn. Every turn.

Another huge victory was that pro-lifers will continue to control the US Senate and House of Representatives.

trump2Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, just spent $38 million dollars to elect Hillary Clinton — money well spent in my opinion. Now it can’t be used to target and kill hundreds of thousands of pre-born children through abortion. Richards probably had a sleepless night.

Planned Parenthood had an enormous vested interest in this election. They’ve been feeding off the federal government for years, currently to the tune of 1.5 million tax dollars every day. This is more than a half-billion of your and my tax dollars each year!

Since 2005, they’ve built 22 mega abortion mills around the nation with a strategy to tap into Obamacare and take in billions more while the number of babies dying would skyrocket.

Let’s not forget about the US Supreme Court. I’d like to be standing in the corner during a post-election conversation between our three pro-abortion female justices.

Many of you have serious questions about the authenticity of Mr. Trump’s dedication to the unborn. Based on his track record I understand your concern. However, the pro-life movement is all about education and conversion. What changed Mr. Trump’s heart were the tears of a friend and a father who years earlier wanted to abort his son whom he now deeply loves.

President-elect Trump has made very specific, crucial commitments to our cause and I believe he is sincere. I believe we’re going to see a thoughtful, caring president in Donald Trump. Time will tell.

It’s incumbent upon us to daily pray for this less-than-perfect man who stepped up to the plate to make America stronger, more pro-life and determined to protect our religious freedoms. Please pray for him and his family. Pray also for vice president-elect Mike Pence and his family.

trump33Thank you for voting pro-life! Thank you for setting aside your concerns to prioritize the US Supreme Court, defunding Planned Parenthood, making the Hyde Amendment permanent and ending the censoring of pastors in the pulpit through the Johnson Amendment. Your religious freedoms will now be defended.

I’m off to the Netherlands later today and CAN’T WAIT to show my Trump preferences in liberal Europe!

But our celebration needs to be short. Each day over 3,000 babies die by abortion, so the need is extremely urgent. Yesterday’s election helps our efforts very much!

Please thank God for this second chance.

Bradley Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute

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