A superhighway of cash to the abortion industry

ve8QAd   |   October 06, 2016

Money on whiteVarious media outlets have reported on this, but it’s largely getting lost by attention surrounding the presidential election. President Obama is violating law to prop up insurance companies in an effort to protect his “legacy” of Obamacare.

There’s a significant reason pro-lifers should care about what’s going on.

Health insurance exchanges were set up in states to pitch Obamacare to the public. Obamacare dictates that everyone purchase health insurance, so it should have been a walk in the park, right?

Wrong. Obamacare is so unappealing that there has been a dearth of takers. Insurance companies are hemorrhaging money, and as a result many big companies are pulling out of the exchanges. This threatens the very lifeblood of Obamacare, and the President is demonstrating that he’ll do anything — including breaking the law — to prevent Obamacare from flat-lining.

In 2014 Mr. Obama attempted a taxpayer bailout for insurance companies that were losing huge amounts of money. However, US Sen. Marco Rubio stepped in and saved the day, bringing the illegal scheme to an abrupt halt.

But that didn’t deter the President for long. According to Phil Kerpen with, in 2015 he illegally bailed out insurance companies to the tune of $3.5 billion. The violation went unnoticed because few people — least of all Congress — have actually read the Obamacare bill. Plus, the details were concealed in federal paperwork.

Seth Chandler, a law professor at the University of Houston, called it “an illegal diversion of funds” that lines the pockets of insurance companies, and cited two blatant examples: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas received $549 million and Anthem Blue Cross of California got $401 million.

pres-obama-2Emboldened by his success, Obama announced in February he’d pay $7.7 billion more to insurance companies in 2016. If you, I or anyone else in the corporate world tried to pull this stunt, we’d be calling an attorney to avoid prison time.

Where does this money come from? It’s through what’s called a “reinsurance fee” paid by those of us who already have insurance. You’re probably not aware of this fee because it’s often hidden in in your premium or deducted from insurance benefits. This is not small change. We’re talking about billions of dollars collectively.

The Obamacare law is specific about what this money can and cannot be used for. Payment to insurance companies is definitely on the “do not pay” list, which makes the President’s activities decidedly illegal.

Why should pro-lifers be concerned?

Depending upon the makeup of the next Congress, supporters of Obamacare would likely make these enormous payments to insurance companies legal and a regular annual expenditure to ensure the continuation of a disastrous healthcare system. Opponents would probably oppose the bailout, and if able, scratch Obamacare and start over with effective, realistic reform that doesn’t promote or pay for abortion.

Keeping Obamacare alive means a pro-abortion president would have a powerful tool to further the declared number one goal of the abortion industry — forcing taxpayers to fund abortion on demand.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest chain of abortion facilities, would be the primary beneficiary. They could line their pockets with billions more taxpayer dollars while dramatically increasing the human carnage of abortion.

Keep this reality in mind when casting a vote for president and members of Congress.

Congress must move to stop Barack Obama’s blatant disregard for the law. Obamacare is collapsing under its own bureaucratic weight and shouldn’t be sustained by huge bailouts for insurance companies at taxpayers’ expense — all the while opening a superhighway of cash to underwrite the abortion industry’s killing machines.

Please contact your members of Congress today.

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