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Pro-Life Strategies: Being the Voice for the Voiceless

ve8QAd   |   October 12, 2016

voicelessposterBy Henry Flowers IV

Displaying the power that arises from a man who is able to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, Voiceless is a movie that will change the pro-life landscape in an incredible way.

In an effort to continue shining the light on the darkness surrounding abortion in America, this movie does an amazing job accurately depicting the multi-faceted struggle surrounding this global tragedy.  Voiceless exposes the real trauma that women can face after an abortion. It depicts the true battle that the Church faces when it chooses to be vocal or to be silent about abortion. It also bravely challenges the “One Nation Under God” idea that seems to be weakening more and more with every dead, unborn child.

There is another issue at stake that is being brought to the forefront by this cinematic marvel, and that is the role that men play in the constant slaughter of the innocent. The main character, Jesse Dean, in his efforts to reach at-risk, inner-city, teen boys, has pointed to a huge area of opportunity that is too often being missed by the pro-life crowd. At some point, on a greater level, we’ve got to begin to address the needs of our fatherless young men who desperately need mentoring and loving support that can only come from the direct involvement of an older male counterpart. That effort has been forwarded by the The Bullpen project at Protecting Black Life and it seems to be resonating with the producers at C3 Studios, as well.

Voiceless draws a roadmap that truly leads to the end of abortion in America. More importantly it encourages people to be the change that they want to see in the world and be the voice of the Voiceless.

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