Help Your Pastor Speak on Abortion

A new poll says seventy percent of churchgoers don’t hear abortion talked about.  Many pastors who don’t bring it up they say it’s divisive, members would leave or won’t give money, or they don’t want to burden the conscience of those who’ve chosen abortion.  All are bad reasons.  Abortion’s one of Satan’s most effective tools to drag souls to hell.  Pastors should be mobilized to protect and defend their members.  Mothers and fathers of aborted babies who don’t hear abortion talked about in church often feel it’s because the sin is so great there’s no forgiveness.  The answer is to let your congregation know the church is where burdened souls find forgiveness and healing.  Visit life issues dot org and click on the microphone icon to get helpful pro-life resources for your church.

This link will provide you with helpful pro-life resources for your church. If you make it easier for your pastor to speak on abortion, you’ll increase the odds of it happening. Lives and souls are at stake, please do what you can to help them.

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