2016: A Call to Action Resources

action resourcesWith the upcoming election in November, now is the time to take a stance on life saving issues! Critical decisions are being made this year and the 2016: A Call to Action reminds us that we have a significant opportunity to change our culture on behalf of the sanctity of life. Perhaps more than any other time in decades, we have the chance to change the conversation—and legislation—about the value of life and the future of our nation.

If you’re interested in changing the tide on major life issues, then please use the resources below to educate yourself and those around you on major legislation being passed and conversations taking place on life topics.


They’re Our Tools to Use: Where Each Major Party Stands on Life Issues
State Laws Support People Choosing Death with Dignity when Ability to Enjoy Activities Decreases
Where Does Your State Stand on Life?
Anti-Coercion Policies Increasing Among States
To Parents of a Child with Down Syndrome: Don’t Be Afraid
More States are Saying “Yes” to Physician Assisted Suicide
2016 Congressional Elections – What’s At Stake?
States Pushing to End Down Syndrome Abortions
Latest Poll Indicates What Americans Think About Funding for Planned Parenthood
Overwhelming Majority of Americans Support Substantial Abortion Limits
Voting for a Woman’s Right to Know
Your Vote in November can Help Save Lives
5 Reasons to Vote this November
The Next President Could Reshape US Supreme Court
Call to Action to Protect the Court
2016: A Call to Action


Life Issues Connector Tri-Annual Newsletter:
June Issue—2016: A Call to Action to Protect the Court
February Issue—2016: A Call to Action


Radio Program:
Sanctity of Life—2016: A Call to Action


Television Program:
FacingLife.tv—2016: A Call to Action


party platforms party platforms

Democrat and Republic Party Platform Planks on Major Life Issues:
Click here for the downloadable, printable PDF.


Hillary Clinton’s & Donald Trump’s Stance on Life Video:

2016: A Call to Action Video:

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