Pro-Abortion Euphemisms Part 3

This is the last in a serious of three programs featuring misleading words pro-abortion activists use to hide the ugliness and truth of abortion.  We’re pushing for a federal law against dismemberment abortions.  The pro-aborts call this a dilation and evacuation procedure—thus making it sound more sterile and accepting—and accuse us of “unscientific attacks” because the word “dismemberment” isn’t in their medical dictionary.  They also said this about Partial-Birth Abortion.  Euphemisms are also being used to hide the sale of baby body parts in Planned Parenthood mills.  They refer to the babies’ bodies as “tissue” or “products of conception” to dehumanize what they’re actually doing.  For more on euphemisms, visit life issues dot org and click on the microphone icon.

If you’d like to learn more about the way pro-abortion activists and the abortion industry hide behind euphemisms or pleasant sounding words, visit this link for a an article by Dr. Willke that includes an eye-opening list here.

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