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Medical Deity

ve8QAd   |   June 02, 2016

Lily was born with such serious health issues she needs a heart transplant.  While pregnant, doctors told her parents, Stephanie and Joshua Parra, to abort their precious baby.  She’ll die right after birth they said.  But Lily is four months old, and it’s been a very stressful existence for mom and dad.  But things got unduly worse when doctors took Lily off the heart transplant list.  The reason given was Lily might have a developmental disability.  They’re saying Lily’s life isn’t worth saving because she might have a disability.  Their reasoning’s been called coldhearted and abhorrent and I totally agree.  An outside expert agrees with Lily’s parents.  Too many doctors think MD stands for medical deity.  God will decide who lives and dies.  Their job is to look after God’s little lambs.

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