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Abortionist Carhart Finally Investigated

ve8QAd   |   June 07, 2016

Congress is finally investigating one of the most notorious late-term abortionists in America.  They’ve issued subpoenas to not only LeRoy Carhart but also to his abortion mill, hospitals, first responders and even companies that disposed of the babies bodies, all who may have valuable information.  Members of Congress want to know if he’s been selling aborted baby body parts or allowing babies born alive to die without care.  Both are violations of federal law.  In the past Carhart has told women not to call nine-one-one if there’s a problem.  They’re to first call his staff who’ll summon emergency help, “IF we think you need [it]”, says the abortionist.  Carhart’s killed women and maimed countless others while bragging about the number of babies he’s killed.  He must be stopped.

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