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Abortion Mills Closing in Blue States

ve8QAd   |   June 10, 2016

The abortion industry and activists have long lamented the number of abortion mills closing in so-called “red” states where pro-life governors and legislatures have been elected.  But in a recent article, Madeleine Schwartz says they’re closing in liberal “blue” states too.  And the reason given is plain economics.  In part the demand for abortion has fallen, which is a great thing.  Shauna Heckert, an executive over six abortion mills in liberal California is expecting some will close.  “We’re a dying breed” she says.  I say better their business dies than millions of innocent unborn babies and sometimes their moms.  All the while, Planned Parenthood is growing and putting the little guys out of business.  All the more reason we must take their half-billion annual tax funding away.

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