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Siblings of Aborted Babies Grieve

ve8QAd   |   May 27, 2016

An anonymous woman came to my attention through a letter she mailed.  Her mother had recently confided she had an abortion before she was born.  The young woman was horrified, so she wrote a letter to her aborted sibling, in-part writing, “I’m sorry no one loved you.”  This sister wondered how it was possible to mourn for someone she never met, but parents who suffer a miscarriage will attest to this fact.  I experienced it when our twin grandsons died during pregnancy.  The limited research done supports the pain felt by surviving siblings of aborted victims.  As a result, groups have organized to provide them with assistance in grieving and dealing with a loss.  Abortion is a cancer, not only does it kill the baby, it hurts everyone in its ugly path.

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