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Pro-Abortion Euphemisms Part 2

ve8QAd   |   May 31, 2016

Today I’m sharing more pro-abortion euphemisms abortion activists use to sell their product.  They now use the word “pregnant person” instead of “pregnant woman” because it sounds too close to mother and it must be gender neutral for those women who have changed their sexual identity and look like a man but are still pregnant.  I couldn’t make this stuff up!  And they’re never called an abortionist; it’s “abortion provider.”  The word provider implies good, not death.  I don’t call my urologist a urinary tract provider.  I don’t call my cardiologist a heart care provider.  You don’t call a proctologist—well you get my point.  Abortionist has an ugly sound to it for good reason.  And it’s an accurate medical description.  Let’s call them what they are.  More for you tomorrow.

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