Sued for Refusing to Facilitate Euthanasia

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Sued for Refusing to Facilitate Euthanasia

Bradley Mattes   |   April 01, 2016

A religiously affiliated nursing home in Belgium is being sued for not allowing a patient to be euthanized at their facility.  A seventy-four-year-old woman with terminal cancer was moved to her home where she was then killed by a lethal dose of medicine.  Outraged that she had to be relocated, the family is now suing the nursing home.  They’re asking damages for the extra “physical and mental suffering” even though the killing wasn’t delayed.  Legal experts are watching this case carefully due to its potential of setting precedence.  Considering the attack the Obama administration has made on our religious liberties, I wouldn’t be surprised if this lawsuit were repeated here.  That’s why vulnerable Americans need you to pick a new president who respects innocent human life.


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