Special Present to Abortion Industry

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Special Present to Abortion Industry

Bradley Mattes   |   April 12, 2016

Barack Obama, the most pro-abortion president in Americas history, is giving a special present to the abortion industry during his final months in office.  The FDA has loosened the rules for administering RU 486, the chemical abortion pill.  The two-drug protocol is already dangerous because it causes serious bleeding and the women who’re at home don’t know when this bleeding becomes life-threatening.  The FDA has expanded the time during pregnancy when it can be used to kill unborn babies; it eliminates a follow-up visit to the abortionist’s office and it expands who may administer the dangerous drug.  The company distributing the death pill was literally founded as an offshore business solely for this drug.  None of these changes benefit women.  It’s all about increasing abortion numbers and their money.


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