Price Gouging Poor Women

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Price Gouging Poor Women

Bradley Mattes   |   April 21, 2016

The key argument Planned Parenthood uses to defend your tax funding is they provide healthcare to poor women.  The reality of course is, by “healthcare” they mean abortion, and they don’t even do that as well as they claim.  Planned Parenthood of Wichita is in a predominately Black community, but they’ve greatly increased the cost of their chemical abortion pills for the poor women they claim to serve.  Depending upon your blood type, it’s seven or eight hundred dollars, well above the national average.  When phoned about the abortion pills, the staff couldn’t even pronounce the names of the drugs.  Two abortionists in their seventies come in from three hours away which means they don’t have hospital privileges and are gone when something goes wrong.  It’s not about serving women.  It’s about money.


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