Vile Discrimination

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Vile Discrimination

Bradley Mattes   |   March 31, 2016

Those from the far-left political spectrum preach inclusion and diversity.  To discriminate is usually considered a crime so vile, drastic penalties must be imposed—unless it’s a liberal doing the discrimination.  Harmony Daws worked for a Portland-area cleaning business.  After her boss found out she had been elected the new president of Oregon Right to Life, she was asked not to mention it to anyone.  Days later Harmony was fired for being a “discriminator.”  Employees who worked under her, including a Satanist, lesbian and atheists said she never discriminated against them.  Even so, she was history.  Firing someone because of their religious or political beliefs is a violation of civil rights.  But Harmony is looking forward and has started her own cleaning business.  May God richly bless it.


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