Former Abortion Workers Need Your Prayers

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Former Abortion Workers Need Your Prayers

Bradley Mattes   |   March 30, 2016

You and I understand the emotional pain mothers and fathers often experience after aborting their babies.  But what about those who work in the killing centers?  One Planned Parenthood employee will never forget the day a woman in her second trimester of pregnancy aborted quadruplets—yes, four babies.  Most of the details are too graphic to share, but after the first child was born dead, two boys followed who were also lifeless.  But these boys had their arms wrapped around each other.  The woman who witnessed this horror resigned that day.  Imagine the anguish suffered by those in the abortion industry.  They may have participated in the killing of tens of thousands of babies.  Pro-lifers are reaching out to them.  Today, please pray for those who’ve left the killing behind them.

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