Pro-Life Science Fiction Censored

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Pro-Life Science Fiction Censored

Bradley Mattes   |   February 24, 2016

Nick Cole had become a successful author of a science-fiction novel.  But while working on his next book, his publisher, Harper Voyager, sensed a possible pro-life theme and abruptly stopped it in its tracks.  The book depicted robots that controlled a planet.  These beings of artificial intelligence monitored the internet to see what the humans were up to.  When they saw a video of a woman having an abortion because the baby was inconvenient, the robots decided to wipe out mankind for fear the humans would also abort them.  Cole’s editor was “deeply offended” and demanded he make major changes that were “socially acceptable.”  Even in the world of science-fiction, a pro-life message can’t be tolerated and must be censored.  Silencing the messenger is their only hope.

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