Christ Hospital Ends Discrimination Abortions

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Christ Hospital Ends Discrimination Abortions

Bradley Mattes   |   February 11, 2016

One by one, Cincinnati area hospitals stopped doing abortion on demand.  Then, gradually, all but one stopped doing discrimination abortions—those done on children with disabilities.  The final holdout was Christ Hospital.  Yes, their name makes this ironic.  The board of directors finally adopted a policy no abortions would be performed at the hospital unless there was “a threat to the life of the mother.”  A couple years ago one of my spine surgeons told me to find another doctor when I told him I wouldn’t consent to surgery done at Christ where he practiced because they did abortions there.  One thing I know about the medical community, the bottom line tends to be the almighty dollar.  Hopefully others have been telling their doctors the same.  My thanks to Christ Hospital.


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