Sex Selection Abortion Made Easy

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Sex Selection Abortion Made Easy

Bradley Mattes   |   January 04, 2016

A new test has been developed that reveals the sex of an unborn baby at only seven weeks into pregnancy.  The test analyzes the unborn baby’s DNA in the mother’s blood.  This means if a couple has a girl and want a boy, they can have this non-invasive test and abort early in pregnancy.  In the past it’s taken a sonogram to determine the baby’s sex which would require a late-term abortion.  The concept of an early abortion is less appalling to many people.  As a result, the number of sex-selection abortions is bound to increase.  Several countries have banned sex-selection abortion because in part it creates a gender imbalance, favoring boys.  This test would make it impossible to enforce such laws and needs to be taken off the market to protect lives.



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