Twisted Logic to Justify Abortion

Abortion advocates often use twisted logic to justify the killing.  Recently Planned Parenthood posted a tweet that read, “Every child deserves the opportunity to live up to their God given potential.”  This shows the other side clearly doesn’t think things through.  An abortionist in Alabama is equally delusional.  Willke Parker wrote doing abortions fulfills his call to be the Good Samaritan, adding, “It is the deepest level of love you can have for another person.”  Parker calls unborn babies an “outbreak” as if they’re a disease and not human beings.  When asked why he does abortions, his first part of a brief response is, “Because I can.”  I believe it’s more about money than it is about helping women.  Abortion’s a cash cow for those who can’t make an honest living.


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One thought on “Twisted Logic to Justify Abortion

  1. I wonder what Hippocrates would say about his doctors terminating life, and not saving and/or protecting it.

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