Stray Dog Saves Infant

The pictures are shocking and amazing!  A stray female dog rummaging through the dump in Brazil found and saved a newborn baby left there to die.  The photos show the dog gently carrying the infant boy away from the dump and directly to the closest house.  There people rushed the baby to the hospital, where remarkably, he’s doing well.  If a stray, hungry dog knows life when she sees it, why can humans?  Instead they abort them by the tens of millions.  The photos generate horror and joy at the same time.  Horror that this baby was discarded like trash, and joy that the dog knew what to do.  Share these images with others by going to life issues dot org and clicking on the microphone icon. That’s life issues dot org.

These unforgettable images show that a stray dog knows more about protecting life than many humans.  Please share them with others because they’ll make a lasting impression on those who support abortion.



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