The Bond Between Mother and Child

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The Bond Between Mother and Child

Bradley Mattes   |   October 01, 2015

The bond between a baby and mother defies understanding. Shelly Cawley had an emergency C-section. During the process, a blood clot broke loose and migrated, causing Shelly to fall into a coma. After a week, the doctors didn’t think she would survive. Then a staff nurse recalled that skin to skin contact is good for the infant, so why not try it for the mom. Shelly’s husband put the baby girl on his wife and later she began to cry. Even while experiencing a week-long coma, Shelly’s baby was able to pierce the barrier that doctors couldn’t breach. Shelly heard her baby crying and came out of the coma. This shows we shouldn’t be surprised when a mother suffers severe emotional aftermath after she’s had an abortion. God created a very powerful bond.

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