Abortionist Speaks Out

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Abortionist Speaks Out

Bradley Mattes   |   October 21, 2015

The last remaining abortionist in Mississippi had some interesting things to say recently in a radio interview. Diane Derzis who owns the last abortion mill in the state had this to say about us pro-lifers. “They are winning.” That makes me feel really good when those who make their living killing babies admit to losing. Derzis said she’s proud to be an abortionist but didn’t have anything nice to say about Planned Parenthood, adding they should “absolutely” be defunded. She dissed on them saying, “Planned Parenthood doesn’t need tax funding. They make tons of money. They are the Wal-Mart of abortion.” I often wonder if abortionists who don’t repent and find themselves in hell, will as part of their punishment have to listen to crying infants for the rest of eternity.

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