The Real Extremists in the Abortion Debate

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The Real Extremists in the Abortion Debate

Bradley Mattes   |   June 12, 2015

Every day pro-lifers are criticized for being extreme because we oppose the violence of abortion. But in reality, who are the real extremists in the abortion debate? I’ll report. You decide. A bill in Louisiana would ban sex-selection abortion, which is vastly done to kill girl babies. The legislation failed in committee and Planned Parenthood celebrated on Twitter. How about legislation requiring parental involvement for minor girls to have an abortion? How about informing women to the dangers of abortion before they have one? How about stopping abortion after five months because the baby can clearly feel the pain? All of these common-sense protections and more are opposed by Planned Parenthood. Now, you know who are the real extremists are in the abortion debate and it’s not us.

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