Testimonies of Aborted Women

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Testimonies of Aborted Women

Bradley Mattes   |   May 22, 2015

You need only listen to women who’ve had an abortion to know it inflicts pain. Abby, when speaking about her living children said, “I never thought about how I would have to explain my selfishness to them.” Ashley lamented, “Every night my sweet boy prays to God for a sibling.my heart aches over what I did.” Brice grieved, “Death was the only certain escape from the horrific pit that had formed in my soul.” Finally, Joy Baxter made this poignant statement, “When you’re pregnant, you carry a child for nine months. When you’ve had an abortion, you carry them forever.” The good news for all women who’ve had an abortion is there’s peace, forgiveness and healing through the blood of Christ. If you’re struggling, contact me through today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org.

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