Legal Abortion is Back Alley Abortion

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Legal Abortion is Back Alley Abortion

Bradley Mattes   |   May 15, 2015

Pro-life sidewalk counselors outside a Kansas abortion mill saw the abortionist, Cheryl Chastine leave. Later they saw a patient stagger across the parking lot in obvious pain. She had been kicked out of the mill so the staff could go home. This woman sat on the curb, unable to even stand until her ride arrived a half-hour later. Abortionists should never leave until the last patient is discharged. Abortionist Phillip Rand was called back to the mill to help a woman who was hemorrhaging, but refused because he was on his way to another abortion mill. The woman died from blood loss. In legal abortion mills women are being kicked to the curb, or worse—paying with their lives while killing their babies. Legal abortion is back-alley abortion. The only difference, they’ve relocated the door.

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