Abortion as Anger Management

ve8QAd   |   May 29, 2015

Here’s a news flash for you: mothers are human.

Moms are champion multi-taskers. They also sometimes feel they’re running on empty—and sometimes the bank account is running on empty too. Moms can be madly in love with their children but yearn for time alone. And sometimes moms are angry.

Sometimes they have a right to be, and for far more reason than beds unmade or toys left out.

In a recent blog for Huffington Post, Kristine Holmgren wrote about angry mothers. The blog’s byline describes the author as a ‘feminist theologian . . . with a deep commitment to the welfare of American children and the women who raise them.”

pregnantsillhouetteGiven that the title of the article is “No More Angry Mothers; Embracing Accessible Abortion and Affordable Contraception,” you’d naturally wonder about the author’s professed loyalty to our nation’s children. Holmgren’s commitment embraces abortion to kill these very same progeny and expose their mothers to the mental and physical anguish of so-called “choice.”

Holmgren, in her role as theologian, tells the apparently true story of an “out of control” teenager she calls Arlene. Just 13 years old, Arlene sneaks out at night, skips school and smokes dope. The description of Arlene’s mother leaves no doubt that the author sees a failure in parenting. When the mother brings Arlene to Holmgren for pastoral counseling, Arlene is pregnant by a 30-something married man who’s “been sniffing around” the girl more than a year.

Arlene’s mother wants to take up the married man’s offer to divorce his wife and marry Arlene. Arlene wants no part of that idea. The feminist theologian counsels abortion. Arlene’s mother is horrified at the suggestion. Apparently no one thought of adoption.

On the surface it’s easy to see why the author would promote abortion as a panacea to this family crisis. What grieves me—and makes me angry—is not just the situation but also her brutal solution to a problem that instead cries out for compassion, forgiveness, wisdom and hope.

The answer to Holmgren’s anger issues and the advice of abortion stems from her own experiences during childhood. Holgrem’s mother was 40 when she was born—the result of a very unplanned pregnancy. Growing up, Holgrem was commonly referred to by her mom as her “final mistake.” Further, mom advised Holgrem not to have children. Being raised in a household where children are viewed as a curse and not a blessing has an acidic and corrosive effect on a child’s morale and self-worth. Is it any wonder that this author connects motherhood with anger?

And at the center of Arlene’s crisis and all that resultant anger is a child—an unwanted but made-in-the-image-of-God child who bears no blame whatsoever.

Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s Holmgren expected The Pill to work its magic and Roe vs. Wade to open a door to freedom, “where every child was a wanted child. Every mother a happy mother.” She calls for a commitment to “a new future and a new promise. No more angry mothers.”

Turns out there’s no magic pill, and Roe vs. Wade is an iron-clad door to bondage. I agree with the author that we should focus on a “new future and a new promise.” The answer, however, is to change our mindsets that children need to be loved and cherished regardless of the circumstances of their birth. The answer is to change how we live, how we parent and how we react to the challenges before us. To tell “young vulnerable girls” that abortion is “an opportunity” is to tell them a lie. And we wonder why women are angry?!

Abortion isn’t an answer to anger or anything else. Abortion doesn’t liberate. It enslaves women to pain and decays the soul.

“Abortion is not murder,” Ms. Holmgren writes. Yes, it is. And a denial of this basic fact has spawned an anger that will completely permeate society unless we stop it.

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