Senators Side with Human Traffickers

Human trafficking is a tragedy of epidemic proportion.  I recently interviewed victims of trafficking as well as those working to stop it.  One of the many things I learned is it’s literally all around us, but most don’t realize it.  Also, the pimps of human trafficking depend upon abortion to keep their industry humming.  There was a battle before Congress to help victims of human trafficking, but pro-abortion Democrats in the Senate were filibustering because it contained wording to prevent your tax dollars from funding abortion—a necessary tool of the traffickers.  They lost the battle.  There’s a reason these senators are doing the dirty work for the abortion industry.  Learn more by watching my interviews with those fighting human trafficking.  Visit today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org.

Find out why the pimps of human trafficking and Planned Parenthood use abortion to keep the industry humming: Part One and Part Two


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