Experimentation on Teenage Girls During Late Abortions

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Experimentation on Teenage Girls During Late Abortions

Bradley Mattes   |   April 15, 2015

Remember the inhumane experiments doctors did on Jews in concentration camps?  Well, history is repeating.  The University of Hawaii is recruiting nearly two-hundred patients—as young as fourteen—to take part in a late-term abortion experiment.  The abortion procedure of choice is dismemberment abortions, which itself is so horribly cruel for the baby.  Some of the participants won’t get the drug Oxytocin, which minimizes blood loss and the chance of hemorrhage.  The girls and women who don’t get the drug will have their blood loss measured.  The health of these women will be jeopardized in the process, and fourteen-year-old girls can’t even legally give consent to participating.  It saddens me we live in a society where this ghoulish and inhumane experimentation is tolerated.



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