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ve8QAd   |   March 13, 2015

I’ve always thought pregnant women and mothers with babies are beautiful. Now the fashion industry is catching on too.

During Milan Fashion Week earlier this month, designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana introduced their fall/winter collection with the theme Viva la Mamma. Translated it means “Hurray for moms!” The models walked the runway with babies, toddlers and young children in tow. One model who looked to be about six months pregnant got the loudest applause. Even the clothing paid tribute to moms, with words such as Amore, Mama, and I Love Mama printed and embroidered across the fabrics.

Dolce & Gabbana designs are classy and their show was glamorous, but the real beauty is seeing this very public recognition that motherhood is something to celebrate—and chic besides.

What a welcome change from the tired pro-abortion mantra that children are a burden and motherhood is a jail sentence. While most moms aren’t model-thin—and certainly no pregnant woman is—all moms are beautiful. They’re beautiful in part because they carry life within them.

They carry life! From the moment of fertilization, a unique new person, someone who never lived before in all of human history, grows and changes until mysterious signals say, “It’s time.” It’s hard to imagine how anyone can look at a newborn child and believe he or she is anything but a miracle.

The poet Carl Sandburg said, “A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.” I’ll take God’s opinion of babies over the opinion of a pro-abortion advocate any day.

Jamie Brewer
Actor, model and Down syndrome advocate Jamie Brewer tweeted this photo of herself backstage during New York Fashion Week.

And God’s opinion means every child. New York Fashion Week saw its own celebration of women and life last month when Jamie Brewer walked the runway for designer Carrie Hammer. Hammer didn’t use professional models in her show. For her campaign called Role Models Not Runway Models, she invited inspiring women from all walks of life to model her designs. Jamie, an actor who starred in the TV show American Horror Story, has Down syndrome—a modeling first for the fashion industry.

But it’s not Down syndrome that makes Jamie an inspiration; she inspires because she goes beyond her own disability to advocate for others who are disabled. Active in The Arc, a national group that serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, she was the youngest person ever elected president of the Fort Bend, Texas, chapter. Jamie was then appointed to The Arc state board, serving as treasurer of the executive board. She also served on the Texas Governmental Affairs Committee for The Arc, which successfully lobbied state legislators to drop the word retarded from state legislation in favor of the phrase intellectual development disability. The world has rightly noticed: before her glamorous walk down the runway, Jamie earned the SunDown Vision Award for Entertainment in 2012 and the Media Access RJ Mitte Diversity Award in 2014.

Think of the blessing we’d have missed if the abortion crowd’s affinity for death and fear of disability had gotten hold of Jamie! I invite you to visit Life Issues Institute’s new website for more stories of people thriving with Down syndrome.

Considering all the tragic news I often have to bring you, I’m glad this week to give you good news—giant steps forward for LIFE on fashion’s runways.

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