International Fashion Show Promotes Motherhood

When it comes to designers of women’s fashion, I’m no expert.  But I am a fan of the Dolce and Gabbana label.  While presenting their fall and winter designs at Milan Fashion Week, the theme was “Viva la mamma!” which means “Hurray for moms!”  Models walked the runway with young children, toddlers and babies in tow.  One of the models was six months pregnant.  Invitations had “I love you, mom!” in a child’s handwriting.  This message was even incorporated into the clothing.  The theme music was a ballad made famous by the Spice Girls, called “Mama.”  Why does all this matter?  It’s yet another way society is getting the unmistakable message that children are a blessing and not a curse.  Abortion is living on borrowed time.  We must continue our efforts.


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