Love Those Babies

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Love Those Babies

Bradley Mattes   |   February 12, 2015

Loving babies is on my list during this special week of Valentine programs.  I absolutely love babies!  The way they smell, how their smiles can melt your heart, the way they feel lying against your chest.  What’s not to love about babies?  Well, one or two things. . . okay, maybe more.  But the love you can pour out on them and the love they give back more than compensates for the challenges.  Some day you can teach them about Jesus or how to ride a bike.  You can cry as they run off to their first day of school and console them when puppy love goes awry.  Before you know it, they’ll be graduating and finding a true love of their own.  So love those babies now, even the not-so-loveable things, because in a very short time they’ll be gone.

(And when they are, you’ll have many loving memories.)


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