Handcuffs in the Mail

The Pro-Life Action League has a unique way to get the attention of abortionists throughout the nation.  They’re mailing them a pair of plastic handcuffs with a note reading, “Could you be next?”  It encourages them to get out of the abortion business and provides a phone number.  Recently, another abortionist, Naresh Patel, was jailed for doing abortions on women who weren’t pregnant.  The folks at Pro-Life Action League are sending the handcuffs to emphasize the point they should get out of the killing industry before they end up in the stony lonesome like Patel.  Those who kill preborn children for a living are usually the bottom feeders of the medical profession and vulnerable to illegal activities.  I’ll keep you posted on what kind of response they get. And let’s pray that this mailing really makes a difference in the hearts of those abortionist.

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