Saving One Baby Every Minute

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Saving One Baby Every Minute

Bradley Mattes   |   January 12, 2015

My friends at National Right to Life have come out with some very encouraging numbers showing the pro-life side is winning the nation’s battle over legal abortion-on-demand.  Since the number of abortions peaked a couple of decades ago, the pro-life movement is saving more than a half-million unborn babies each year.  This means the efforts of Life Issues Institute and other pro-life organizations are saving a baby every minute, twenty-four, seven.  And the news will only get better because of the November election that put in more pro-life candidates on the state and federal levels.  When you vote pro-life, babies are being saved from death and their parents spared from the emotional trauma abortion so often brings.  So make sure you always vote for pro-life candidates. 

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