UNICEF and WHO Secret Vaccines

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UNICEF and WHO Secret Vaccines

Bradley Mattes   |   November 19, 2014

There’s some alarming news out of Kenya.  The World Health Organization and UNICEF have been caught red-handed injecting women in Kenya with a tetanus vaccine laced with a hormone that causes multiple miscarriages and in some cases sterility.  Kenyan religious leaders obtained several vials of the vaccine in question and had it tested.  ALL tested positive for Beta-HCG hormone, which isn’t supposed to be in a tetanus vaccine.  Back in the early nineties this scheme reared its ugly head in the Philippines and Mexico.  But it was then brushed off by the World Health Organization.  It clearly appears these entities are secretly working to ensure that countries they consider undesirable shrink in population numbers.  Please pray for protection of the people of Kenya.


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