Obama Has Crown Syndrome

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Obama Has Crown Syndrome

Bradley Mattes   |   November 17, 2014

President Obama is known for not telling the truth and recently again demonstrated this trait.  After the election and his second shellacking, the president told voters, “I hear you.”  But his actions show he’ll be defiant to the end.  An aide said the president “doesn’t feel repudiated” by the election.  Mr. Obama said, “I’m going to squeeze every last little bit of opportunity” for his agenda the last two years of his presidency.  The President also cited two-thirds of Americans voters who didn’t cast a ballot, so he questions the validity of the election results.  Obama made it clear he’s got a pen and knows how to use it, meaning he plans on ruling by edict, bypassing Congress and issuing executive orders.  This president has “Crown” syndrome.  He thinks he’s a king.

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