China’s Moral and Earthly Disaster

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China’s Moral and Earthly Disaster

Bradley Mattes   |   November 11, 2014

Not only is the brutal forced-abortion policy in China a moral disaster, it also has horrific long-term earthly effects.  Senator Marco Rubio states there’s nearly three-hundred-million small children who don’t have a birth certificate.  And around thirteen-million Chinese people don’t have a registration certificate because they were born in violation of the one-child policy.  This means they can’t go to school, marry, get a job, use the legal system or even buy a plane or train ticket.  Those who don’t have official documentation are vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation.  The entire free world should be up in arms about this unfolding tragedy, especially feminists who pledge loyalty to reproductive freedom for women.  None have spoken out on behalf of millions of persecuted Chinese women.


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