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Life Issues, our daily radio commentary on abortion and related issues, is carried on over 1,100 radio outlets across the nation. Hosted by Executive Director Bradley Mattes, the program has been on the air since 1985.

Life Issues Institute is pleased to announce the February 2015 launch of Urban Life Issues, an extension of the critically acclaimed Life Issues broadcast, with Rev. Arnold Culbreath as host. Rev. Culbreath brings to the program a rich wealth of experience and communication skills. The target audience for this new initiative is Black Christian radio stations, Black gospel stations and Black secular radio stations as well.

“Since February is Black History Month, it’s a perfect time to introduce this new program,” said Rev. Culbreath.

To secure airtime for Urban Life Issues, please contact LeeAnn Jackson at Ambassador Advertising Agency (LJackson@AmbassadorAdvertising.com).


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