Release from Bondage

Leading up to the launch of Urban Life Issues is a special two-part episode of our Emmy© Award-winning television program Facing Life Head-On. Titled Release from Bondage, the episode will expose Planned Parenthood’s deadly, strategic assault on women of color. The program features five distinguished leaders of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition confronting the issue with perspectives ranging from technology to art to research. The two programs, each 30 minutes, will air during back-to-back weeks beginning December 8. Visit for availability in your area or watch on our YouTube channel, FacingLifeHeadOn.


Preceding the debut of Rev. Culbreath’s Urban Life Issues, the annual Life Issues Sanctity of Life radio special will echo the messaging of our TV programs. This half-hour special event will air around Sanctity of Life Day, January 18, on hundreds of Christian radio stations. Check your local station’s schedule or listen online at by clicking “Special Programs” under the “Programming” link.

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