Cocaine Saves Unborn Baby

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Cocaine Saves Unborn Baby

Bradley Mattes   |   October 01, 2014

Planned Parenthood’s quick to point to pregnant drug addicts as a reason to keep abortion legal.  They say the baby would be better off dead.  Austin Cole, a star college football player, disagrees.  His mother was a drug addict when she became pregnant with him.  She wanted to have an abortion, so someone gave her money to kill her baby.  But she spent the abortion money on cocaine instead.  As a result, Austin was born perfectly healthy.  He learned the news of his mother and near death from his father.  Austin had a hard childhood, but he credits it to making him the man he is.  Just like Austin, God has a plan for every person, no matter the circumstances.  When an unborn baby is aborted, we end the wonderful plans God had for them.

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