Glad to be Immoral

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Glad to be Immoral

Bradley Mattes   |   September 04, 2014

I’m a very immoral person, and chances are you are too—because you wouldn’t abort a baby who has Down syndrome. Richard Dawkins, a well know atheist in the United Kingdom, said Ireland was a civilized nation except for one thing—they prohibited abortion. Someone asked him if it was civilized to abort nearly one thousand British babies because they had Down syndrome and he replied, “Yes, it is very civilized.” Dawkins went on to tell someone on Twitter that it’s immoral not to abort a baby if the mother knew the child had Down syndrome. He claims such a person suffers. But in a survey, ninety-nine percent of people with Down syndrome said they were happy. I dare him to find a survey of so-called “normal” people who can claim the same.


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