Contraceptive Microchip a Big Mistake

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Contraceptive Microchip a Big Mistake

Bradley Mattes   |   September 01, 2014

Recently I told you the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was investing millions to develop a computer chip with an on and off switch that’s put under the skin of women. It would control her fertility for sixteen years. I said the idea was ripe for abuse. The chip isn’t even to testing yet and already people are advocating it be used by force. One philosopher is advocating parents get a license to have a baby before they can get the chip turned on. Those who were deemed “unworthy” wouldn’t be allowed to have children. He suggested the World Health Organization be the fertility gatekeeper to inspire confidence in the system. Putting this population control, slash, abortion-advocate conglomerate in charge is like the fox guarding the henhouse. This micro chip is a big mistake.


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