Murder is the Same on Mountains or in Hospitals

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Murder is the Same on Mountains or in Hospitals

Bradley Mattes   |   August 19, 2014

Larry Bernstein, a writer for the Washington Post, recently wrote an impassioned article about the brutality of killing innocent people by dehydration.  He specifically noted the non-Muslim people on the mountain being tortured and killed by Sunni extremists in the Middle East.  His article detailed how excruciating it is to die from dehydration.  Rightfully, there’s been a massive outcry against such heinous acts against humanity.  But what about Terri Schiavo and thousands of other profoundly disabled patients?  They, the elderly and individuals with Down syndrome are people too.  And their deaths are just as vile and wrong.  But America’s looking the other way when it happens in our hospitals, nursing homes and hospices.  We must wake up to this alarming fact and take action to protect them.

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