Abortion Advocates Fight Internal Battle

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Abortion Advocates Fight Internal Battle

Bradley Mattes   |   August 20, 2014

There’s a major battle underway in the pro-abortion movement.  Kingpin pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood, NARAL and Emily’s List are moving away from the phrase “pro-choice” because, frankly, it isn’t working any longer.  Instead they’re promoting the term “reproductive justice.”  Pro-abortion women of color are furious because they’re not getting credit for coming up with the phrase decades ago.  Plus, reproductive justice included issues like: race, gender and sexuality.  White leaders of the big pro-abortion organizations are accused of excluding women of color from leadership positions, co-opting their phrase and remarketing it to cover only abortion and birth control.  The pro-aborts used to keep their battles secret but this one’s spilling out all over.

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