Planned Parenthood Award for Killing Babies

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Planned Parenthood Award for Killing Babies

Bradley Mattes   |   July 07, 2014

Planned Parenthood’s the largest chain of abortion mills in America.  And they’re the most aggressive lobbying force on state and federal levels to keep abortion-on-demand legal for any reason throughout pregnancy.  I’ve long said abortion is the “cash cow” for Planned Parenthood and that it’s nearly all of what they do.  Former staff have testified they’re highly pressured to do more abortions because “that’s where the money is.”  Now we have visible proof it’s true—a picture of a certificate given to a Denver area abortion mill from Planned Parenthood.  It congratulates them for doing more abortions during the first half of twenty-thirteen compared to the first half of twenty-twelve.  Abortion isn’t about helping women.  This clearly proves it’s all about the money.  And it’s blood money at that.

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