Fatherhood makes the Man

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A baby’s physical development—from conception to birth—is an amazing marvel to ponder. Yet another mystery to grasp is a newborn’s transformative power over his or her parents—especially on a new father.

A team of scientific researchers recently uncovered this profound finding. It’s in regard to the maturing effect of a child’s birth on the dad. In a study tracking 206 males from a medium-size metropolitan city in the Pacific Northwest, the researchers recruited participants at the age of 12 and annually assessed them over 19 years until the age of 31. Click here for more details.

These males came from neighborhoods with higher than average juvenile delinquency rates. They were more prone to smoke, drink and participate in criminal activity. Alarmingly, half of them had consumed alcohol by the age of 12 and 70% had been arrested at least once during the period of the study.

From initially reading these shocking statistics, you’d probably think there was no hope for this group. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what comes next.

As these men grew older, their rates of drinking and smoking decreased. What’s more is that the rates of negative behavior took an even deeper dive when a baby entered their world.

While those who became fathers later in life cleaned up their act more so than those who took on the role in their teens or early twenties, there’s no question a baby was a positive game-changer. Next to marriage, researchers have noted that entering fatherhood has a certain calming effect.

One professor—Jerrold L. Shapiro—put it best.

“I think there’s something about your own child that hits an intrinsically basic core[…].There’s a huge amount of responsibility that most men will take on when they have a child,” he said in noting that the sense of being needed plays a huge role.

Who would have thought that ten tiny fingers and toes could impact men’s lives in such a life-changing way? As the father of four sons, I did. But it’s one of the many truths that the abortion industry will hide for the sake of their profits.

We’ll continue—with your help—to work to save the lives of the many babies who desperately depend on the voices of you and me to speak on their behalf.


Bradley Mattes
Executive Director
Life Issues Institute


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