California Increases Funding for Abortion

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California Increases Funding for Abortion

Bradley Mattes   |   July 15, 2014

California’s in a world of hurt.  Their socialistic approach to government spending as put them on the brink of bankruptcy.  Then add the horrible drought in its third year that’s crippling the agricultural industry, and you’ve got a state politicians looking for ways to cut spending.  Well, they are cutting healthcare services to poor women by ten-percent.  But lest you think the land of fruits and nuts has come to its senses, the California Department of Health is increasing tax funding of abortion by an obscene forty-percent.  The department says until there’s a “greater utilization of the most effective birth control methods” they’ll increase using taxpayers’ money to use abortion as a means of birth control.  The truth is they don’t want poor people reproducing, so they spend more on abortion.

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