Abortion Romantic Comedy

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Abortion Romantic Comedy

Bradley Mattes   |   July 08, 2014

National Public Radio has some very worthwhile programming, but their agenda is often radically liberal.  For example NPR film critic David Edelstein glorified a movie that was wholly dedicated to making light of abortion.  The flick called Obvious Child is considered by Edelstein and others as an “abortion comedy.”  Yes you actually heard that right.  The main character flippantly has an abortion while everyone around her makes it into a big joke.  Another NPR anchor, Rachel Martin, called this appalling film “sweet and lovely” and a “classic romantic comedy” thus equating the death of a preborn child with romance and laughter.  This is another reason why pro-abortion activists are losing support.  Most women don’t see abortion as a foot-loose and fancy-free event.  It’s a tragic death.

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