Abortion Causes Premature Birth

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Abortion Causes Premature Birth

Bradley Mattes   |   June 25, 2014

Pro-abortion activists and the media are silently covering up scores of studies that show abortion increases the mother’s chance of having a premature subsequent birth. It’s commonsense that abruptly dilating a woman’s cervix during an abortion is likely to create problems. Here’s a blatant example of the evidence. Detroit, Michigan aborts one third of all pregnancies conceived and their rate of premature birth has skyrocketed in comparison to Michigan state and US averages. Decades of promoting sex outside of marriage with abortion as a means of backup birth control has been a dismal failure. In the process, millions of our nation’s youth are paying the price with their own bodies and the lives of their preborn children. And Planned Parenthood is the major tax-funded force promoting it.

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